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20 Sep 2017
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4 Aug 2017
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Audit & Assurance


Statutory Audits

Statutory audits compromise the examination of the books and other records of corporate entities in compliance with the requirements of the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990. Our audits are guided using internationally accepted audit guidelines, powered by specially tailored proprietary audit software with a view to arriving at our opinions efficiently and with minimum risk, for both GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) reporting environments and formats.


Non-Statutory Audits

Similar to statutory audits except that the entities are not under obligation under the Companies and Allied Matter Act, 1990 to conduct such reviews routinely.


Financial Due Diligence

Financial due diligence involves the review of target-company financial representations, carried out with a view to obtaining and communicating assurance thereon to our clients.

Reporting Accountant Assignments

As a firm duly registered by Nigeria's securities and Exchange Commission, we have experience in executing the reviews necessary to provide necessary assurance to all parties concerned in the event both a Private placement as well as a Public issue of shares by Private and Publicly quoted Companies.

Purpose-Specific Review/Investigations

Forensic reviews and other special investigations, compliance certifications, etc.

Expert-Witness Services

As a follow-on of our forensic investigations, we also provide Expert-Witness services to our clients in the event of litigation or arbitration.


Internal Audit/Internal Controls Evaluation


Information Systems Audit

  • Data analysis using proprietary data analysis software. This gives clients a comprehensive idea of the integrity of their data bases.
  • Network Audit - Auditing an entity's access-control facilities at both physical and logical levels.
  • Establishing, maintaining and reviewing entity policies such as
    • Ended User Policy
    • Computer Security Policy documentation
    • Disaster Recovery documentation